Coaching across Cultures

JokulsarlonIn the 21st Century, most large-scale international organisations are operating globally, cross-culturally and looking to develop their senior management and executive teams as part of global leadership programmes. So what does this mean for coaching and mentoring programme design and delivery? Whether company leaders are dealing with cultural changes through mergers/acquisitions or working with a workforce of different ethnic and/or national viewpoints, values and expectations, coaches who work with individuals in cross-cultural environments have substantially different elements to consider and require a deep understanding of what culture is and how people in different cultures work differently.

Coach Mentoring Ltd has extensive experience of coaching across cultures both on an Executive or individual developmental coaching basis or as team coaching. They are also used to working with developing coaching in the line programmes in multi cultural contexts.

Different Cultures — Different Belief Systems

Our coaches consider different belief systems as represented in the different cultures they work within and support coachees in broadening their own beliefs and knowledge. Our coaching ensures that we unlock more capability by tapping into the richness of cultural diversity and some of the wisdom that lies in alternative cultural perspectives.

Global Coaching

Glen OrchyMany global organizations use coaching solutions in their leadership development to improve leadership development, quality, performance, communication, loyalty, support them in thinking and planning more strategically, manage risk more effectively and create and communicate vision and mission, coaching individuals without awareness of and paying attention to, cultural diversity is a recipe for disaster. Coach Mentoring Ltd believes strongly that embracing the cultural differences enhances the leadership capability significantly.

Benefits of using coaches and facilitators with proven track records of working across cultures:

Leadership development

We often use coaching and mentoring as part of our leadership programmes.

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