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Leadership Coaching

Lis Merrick has been working globally with WWF in coaching a number of their senior leaders. The coaching has particularly supported a new cohort of individuals who have been placed in challenging leadership positions around the world, as well as team and performance coaching.

Some of this coaching is face-to-face coaching based at the HQ of WWF International in Gland, Switzerland, but much of the coaching is conducted on a global basis and is a mixture of telephone and skype coaching.


Leadership Development — Mentoring and Coaching Skills

SItaAs part of the emphasis being placed on leadership development within SITA, Lis Merrick has been working with a number of senior executives globally to actively engage with them to enhance their understanding and capability of mentoring and coaching. These are critical leadership capabilities, which used effectively, will greatly augment their leadership skill set.

Lis is holding five coaching sessions with each executive to cover the following areas of mentoring and coaching knowledge, process and skills:

Abercrombie & Kent

Management Development

Abercrombie & KentIn July 2008, Coach Mentoring Ltd facilitated a Senior Management Development Programme for Abercrombie & Kent in Mombasa, Kenya. The seven day team programme was designed and run by Coach Mentoring Ltd in conjunction with the Executive Team from Abercrombie & Kent and comprised modules in Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Quality and Coaching and Mentoring, as well as team exercises and a business case study. Developmental coaching sessions were provided to the delegates during the evenings.

Coach Mentoring Ltd continued to provide ongoing coaching support to the 16 delegates who attended the programme for six months afterwards. These individuals are based around the world in places such as Chile, Argentina, New York, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand, Burma and Australia.

Mombasa Team
Simon Laxton, Executive Vice President, Operations for Abercrombie & Kent said at the end of the programme:
“Our first Senior Management Development Programme has been an overwhelming success for the company and we are very pleased with the support that Coach Mentoring Ltd provided us with the development and facilitation of the whole event.”

Whessoe Oil and Gas Ltd

Implementation of a Coaching Culture

WhessoeWhessoe did not have the budget to bring in external coaches, nor did it want to build external dependency for it’s coaching, so its focus began on the development of their internal coaching capability.

Whessoe developed their own internal system and:

Coach Mentoring Ltd worked with the Senior Management Team and HR at Whessoe Oil and Gas Ltd to design and implement these processes and the evaluation feedback showed considerable growth towards achieving the coaching culture that was being sought.

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Coaching Case Studies

Coaching is helping someone to focus on specific goals and encouraging and supporting them in working out how to achieve those goals. A good coach will provide extrinsic feedback to the learner during this process, but at the same time stimulate the learner’s own intrinsic feedback as well.

“Inspiring and motivating people to grow their self-awareness and identify their unique abilities is such a powerful process.”

Other coaching clients & comments:

The whole week was brilliant, thank you!”

Amazing – insightful, motivating and a great learning experience.”

It was great and worth every cent spent by the company.  We cannot thank the facilitators enough. I will always remember the experience and the facilitators.”

I loved my time with Lis and felt she was really able to assist me in pinpointing what I wanted to get out of my personal development plan.”

The coaching part of the course was excellent and the most important part of the Management Training.”