Coaching Supervision

Deadvlei TrunksOne-to-one Supervision

Coach Mentoring can provide experienced supervisors to provide a regular space to other coaches on an individual or group basis to reflect upon the content and process of their work: The supervision will support the coaches:

Benefits of Supervision

SvinafellsjokulThe Association for Coaching’s 2007 survey into supervision detail the following benefits of supervision:

The top five benefits of supervision are:

Group Supervision

Group supervision can be a more cost effective option and one where there is a much greater chance that someone will be brave enough to name ‘the elephant in the room’ that is culturally unmentionable because of shared assumptions and beliefs.

Bringing coaches together (either face-to-face or virtually) fosters a feeling of camaraderie and mutual support, where coaches learn together rather than operating in lonely isolation. There is also a potential organizational benefit, as the supervisor will inevitably encounter recurring issues and themes, which can be fed back on a non-attributable basis.

Supervision in mentoring

Coach Mentoring also support mentors with supervision, get in touch to find out more.

Our team

Many of our team offer supervision support — find out more about them here.

What makes a good Supervisor?

One of the biggest obstacles to effective coaching supervision is the supervisee’s fear that they will be judged or criticized by the supervisor. So good supervisors must help supervisees feel at ease with the process and create a safe and containing atmosphere where they feel valued and understood. Unless this space is created, it is unlikely that the coach is going to be open to challenge or critical feedback.

Other qualities and attributes that we look for in a good supervisor are a passion for learning, flexibility, humour and an ability to see situations from multiple perspectives, combined with a sensitivity to wider organizational issues. For a group supervisor, group process awareness and facilitation skills are also a pre-requisite.

Benefits of Group Supervision