Coaching and mentoring skills training videos

Standard Videos

Ice Cave 2Coach Mentoring Ltd provides short, engaging videos on a variety of subjects in both coaching and mentoring. Generally, they run for 7 to 15 minutes and concentrate on a particular topic for the development of a coach or mentor. Prices start at £500.

These videos are ideal if you are running an in-house coaching or mentoring programme and developing a number of participants in your programme. They are perfect to buy and embed in your own intranet or to be used as part of an in house training programme. Watch an example video in the blog.

Bespoke Videos

We also offer bespoke videos, which will include your branding, will relate directly to your programme and can be tailored to cover topics of your choice. Costs for bespoke videos start from £850.

Video Standard Bespoke
Quick, informative learning bursts
View at any time
Inexpensive way of educating mentors and coaches
Embed in your own intranet
Designed for mentees and coachees  
Cover all aspects of mentoring and coaching to suit your programme needs  
Personalise with your own logos and graphics  
Design to work in your organisational culture  
  £500 £850


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Video example

View an example of one of our Standard Videos.

Virtual Programmes

Virtual programme management to support you in your mentoring programmes.

Coaching video topics

Mentoring video topics