‘VUCA World’ Cards

Coaching and Mentoring cardsThis set of 12 cards has been designed to support coaches, mentors and HR/L&D professionals. Interactive and stimulating, with beautiful photography; these cards can be used to support your conversations with individuals, or as aids in your own self-reflection exercises.

These inspirational cards to support Coaching and Mentoring Conversations come packed in a sturdy plastic wallet, with an instruction booklet providing further detail on the content of the cards and suggestions for the best way to use them.

The cards are available to purchase at £20.00 per set (inc VAT and UK postage & packaging).

Mentoring starter pack

Would you like instant support to set up your mentoring programme?

Skills training videos

Use our off-the-shelf or customised videos in your coaching or mentoring programme.

Why use coaching and mentoring cards?

These are fantastic. The idea of having the images is great — it immediately creates a positive feeling before even looking at the content!